You Get the Judges You Deserve: CJI Chandrachud’s Advice to Young Lawyers who Refuse Judicial Appointments

Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud, has highlighted a key issue of young lawyers refusing to take up judgeships and the difficulty in attracting talent to the Bench, particularly in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

He revealed in his candid version that whenever he talks to Younger Lawyers about taking up Judgeships in the future and they refuse, he tells them that they will get the Judges they deserve in the future.

In this context, he urged the younger Lawyers to vigorously guard against this by ensuring that the best come over to the bench.

“If you don’t accept judgment today, then 25 years down the line, you will get the judges you deserve and we have to guard against that not for today but for what will be 15 or 20 years down the line if the best don ‘t come over to this institution in which all of you have a very important role to play,’ he said.

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Speaking at his felicitation function at the Bombay High Court, he clarified that not that he is in any sort of doubt with the current crop of judges while reckoning the sacrifice they have made for it but was at the same time, of the firm view that it is important that judges mentor young talent right from the age of around 37, for the future.

Mentorship of young talent, he believes, will be critical to the survival of courts.

“”However, looking ahead, I believe it is critical that we mentor young talent when they are 37, 38, or 39. Inform them that you are being watched and possibly being considered. That you will become a judge in the next five, six, or seven years so that we can inspire in them the idea that they will be important decision-makers in this institution.”

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