You can get free money thanks to a Ticketmaster class-action lawsuit in Canada

COVID-19 led to many concert cancellations, and thanks to a class-action lawsuit against Ticketmaster, some concertgoers are getting notifications that they’re entitled to free money.

Details of the class action of Beaucage v. Ticketmaster Canada Holdings ULC et al. can be found here. If you didn’t receive a timely refund between March 2020 and November 2020 for an event that was canceled (outside of Quebec), you could be getting a gift card.

Customers who purchased tickets to events impacted by the pandemic were “entitled to prompt refunds, in the original form of payment, under the terms of their contracts with Ticketmaster or under consumer protection laws.”

Ticket buyers were notified via email that the Ontario Superior Court approved the class-action settlement. Here’s the bad news; it isn’t a lot of money. However, qualified ticket buyers will receive an email for a gift card for $10, which can be put towards future ticket purchases.

Ticketmaster denies the allegations in the class action and asserted that by November 30, 2020, all ticketholders had been provided refunds or the option to receive refunds for “all but 12 events in Canada” that were postponed, rescheduled or canceled after March 11, 2020 .

According to Koskie Minsky LLP, “while not admitting liability, and without the Court making any determinations, the Defendants have agreed to a settlement with the Representative Plaintiff, which has a total settlement value of CAD$137,545.”

That gift card comes in the form of a digital number and pin that you must add to the payment screen during checkout when purchasing a ticket through Ticketmaster.

Did a concert cancellation impact you during the early days of the pandemic?

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