Who Are The Lawyers Helping Prince Andrew Keep Safe From US Law Enforcement Over Jeffrey Epstein?

With increasing pressure to speak to the American authorities about his ties to the late and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew’s law firm has firmly refuted claims of “zero cooperation” with the US authorities.

Who are the Duke of York’s lawyers?

His law firm Blackwoods, a six partner law firm specializing in criminal work, issued a statement today regarding their client’s situation, while US Attorney Geoffrey Berman claimed the Prince’s allegations of aiding the authorities were “false” and misleading.

Who are the lawyers helping Prince Andrew protect himself from US law enforcement over Jeffrey Epstein?  4th

The key attorneys who assist Prince Andrew in his fight against his extradition to the US and his controversial ties to Epstein, one of the UK’s leading criminal defense attorneys, Clare Montgomery QC, are endorsed by the attorneys.

LawFuel profiled Montgomery as one of the UK’s “Fearsome 13” top lawyers.

As a former “Crime Silk of the Year,” 62-year-old Montgomery has been heavily involved in complex civil and large appeals proceedings for many years, including co-authoring extradition texts.

She has also worked for a number of law enforcement agencies, including the OFS and the FCA, representing, among others, senior business figures and politicians in corruption and conflict of interest cases.

second Prince Andrew fighter

Who are the lawyers helping Prince Andrew protect himself from US law enforcement over Jeffrey Epstein?  5

Stephen Ferguson, a “fearless cross-examiner” according to his Bedford Chambers profile, is recognized as one of the UK’s leading criminal law attorneys specializing in fraud, serious crime and fraud.

As a former Junior Irish International rugby player, he has represented a number of well-known names in entertainment, sports and organized crime. He defended Terry Adams – the Crown claimed he was the head of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the UK. The Regina v Adams money laundering case attracted sustained and high-profile media attention. He has also appeared on a delicate case in Iraq and a number of other headline matters including his successful defense of US hip-hop artist Nelly on a sexual assault case.

The ongoing legal battle between the US and Prince Andrew will no doubt continue, but the US Attorney for the Southern Borough of New York claims he “closed the door completely” to help US investigators and is focusing on his British lawyers will no doubt move on.


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