Wednesday: Legal Roundtable Digs Into Earnings Tax Lawsuit, Kettling Class Action And More

This interview will be broadcast on “St. Louis on the Air ”on Wednesday lunchtime. This story will be updated after the show. You can listen live.

Missouri lawmakers are reluctant to give money to increase the state’s Medicaid program – despite the state’s voters agreeing to a constitutional amendment to expand it. Can you do that? What would it take to legally coerce her hand?

And the city of St. Louis is refusing to reimburse its income tax for workers who left their downtown offices to work in homes in the suburbs during the pandemic. This also applies if employees whose trip took them out of the city were offered partial refunds. Can you just change the rules like that? And could taxpayers fight back?

We will discuss the law, as it applies to these two controversies – and much more – with St. Louis at the Air Legal Roundtable, scheduled to re-air at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday at 12:00 p.m.

Mark Smith, Vice Chancellor of Washington University and Dean of Career Services, will join the panel. Sarah Swatosh, partner at Sedey Harper Westhoff PC; and Jennifer Joyce, the former St. Louis attorney and now director of consulting firm Vera Causa Group LLC.

The panel will also offer an analysis of multiple disputes under the Sunshine Law and the recent 8th Circle Appeals Court ruling highlighting new barriers to a class action lawsuit filed by the Missouri ACLU.

The lawsuit is said to represent approximately 125 people trapped in a kettle by St. Louis police officers in September 2017. A federal appeals court gave the lawsuit a serious blow this week by saying the court had prematurely certified the protesters as class. We will discuss the implications of this judgment.

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