Walking the Talk: Leveraging Legal Tech Synergy for Peak Power | Mitratech Holdings, Inc

Integration of matter management, legal management and workflow automation

Legal departments are becoming more sophisticated and rely on complex software to handle their ever-growing tasks. When a legal department purchases a new technology, it needs to make sure it is works with their current systems.

Integrations are a priority, and often a legal department looks for software applications that have more integrations than they need because we don’t know what the future holds. Why buy a device that can only respond to a command? How does that prepare you for a future that is still full of undiscovered opportunities?

For these reasons, our Director of Product Management for TeamConnect for Team Connect, Kim Howard, relies on synergies and symbiosis for the latest product releases. Howard explains that symbiosis is necessary when looking at the needs of growing legal departments:

“The development of sophisticated workflow requirements within the legal department has led us to further refine the skills, and the complementary capabilities between the record keeping system and the legal department’s workflow engine offer endless possibilities.”

We have always attached great importance to close relationship between our corporate legal management software and our workflow engines, but now more than ever, we’ve brought them together. She explains, “Each of the applications stand out on their own, but together they create endless possibilities to aid the legal department’s needs as they evolve.”

When they are adopted in tandem, give them their native integrations all possibilities on a single platform. In every way the two become one. The line blurs to the point of invisibility and indivisibility: the platform not only connects technologies, but even expands them.

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