Victims seek class-action lawsuit against City of Memphis’ alleged mishandling of rape kits – FOX13 News Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Thousands of rape victims in Memphis who blame the city for botched use of their rape kits could soon have their day in court.

A judge could turn his legal challenge into a class action.

Currently, many of them are known by one name in court.

“We are the Jane Does,” said Valencia Woodin, who gave FOX13 permission to use her name, when speaking of an investigation into a 2013 case.

“They didn’t even look at the rape kit,” said Woodin. “They hadn’t looked at the cameras when the guy stormed into the room.”

Many rape survivors now want to join the current lawsuit against the city of Memphis for violating their rape kits.

12,000 kits that appeared to have been forgotten were discovered in the warehouse.

Terrilyn Blockman said she thought it was her case for sure.

“Nobody ever called me,” Blockman said. “I’ve never heard of anyone. My kit has never been tested. I never knew if I had a kit. “

In order to take their cases to a judge, their attorneys want a current lawsuit involving three women to become a class action.

They argued it was time to confirm the case.

“This case involves the 12,000 victims whose kits have not been tested if the judge agrees,” said Daniel Lofton, an attorney who represents the three women.

Plantiffs lawyers are demanding $ 10 million in damages.

Lawyers representing the city of Memphis argue the statute of limitations has expired. In other words, they said it was too late to make new sacrifices.

“The city made its announcement on October (20) 13,” Lofton said. “Our lawsuit was filed in August 2013.”

Woodin told FOX13 that someone must be held accountable.

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