Uhuru’s statement after uproar on his 34 judicial appointments

“Like you today, I have sworn an oath on the letter and the spirit of the law; and it is not open to me to turn a blind eye to the reports of our state organs. ”

“As long as I am President, I will prefer the right to the comfortable; I choose the difficult over the easier. I am not doing this for myself, but for the Kenyan people and for posterity, ”said the President.

Speaking at the State House in Nairobi during the swearing in of judges on Friday, the President urged judges to serve with integrity.

“Your great ability and deep integrity have brought you to your well-deserved height. After you have taken your oath of office, you will know that you have a special place in our constitutional order. So my advice to you is one; serve with dedication and with the utmost loyalty to the oath you have taken, ”said the President.

Of the 34 new judges, seven (7) belong to the appeals court, nine (9) to the labor and labor court and eighteen (18) to the environmental and regional court.

The Head of State congratulated the newly appointed judicial officers on their new roles and reminded them of the requirements associated with this role.

“Serving in a government agency is a profoundly demanding job. A lot of new burdens will be placed on your shoulders, the public’s expectations of you will be very high, and obstacles will be thrown in your path. Let your actions and decisions be guided solely by the impartial and fair application of the Constitution and our written laws; our principles and values ​​as a nation; and the overriding interests of justice. ”

The swearing-in ceremony was carried out by the Chief Chancellor of Justice, Anne Amadi, attended by the head of the civil service, Dr. Joseph Kinyua and Attorney General Paul Kihara attended.

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