Trump Legacy: Pre-COVID Economy, Judicial Appointments, Middle East Peace

The left would make you believe that President Donald Trump was a monster who bullied its way through the White House and whose only accomplishment was to divide the country.

The headlines as Trump leaves office focus on the COVID death toll, current unemployment rate and the recent slump in the U.S. Capitol.

Robert Charles, former Assistant Secretary of State to President George W. Bush, believes history will be more forgiving.

“The strongest multidemographic economy in the last 70 years,” says Charles. “Similarly, he changed the paradigm for peace in the Middle East, for which he was actually nominated for a couple of Nobel Peace Prizes.”

Trump stood up against China and built a border wall, but also remained loyal to his conservative base.

“He has been a strong advocate for a new look at abortion, like Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush. He fundamentally changed the judiciary. He put 230 judges on a Bundesbank of around 880. He has appointed three judges. “

As with any president, Charles says the longer Trump is missing from the White House the narrative will shift.

“He was bold. He was dull. He was often negligent in the way he conducted public dialogue. But he was also objectively one of the most effective results-driven achievers in areas that matter to the American people. “

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