Trouble brewing as Market Basket accused in class-action lawsuit

TEWKSBURY – Market Basket is in class action charged with overstating the amount of coffee that could be made from private label coffee cans.

The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court on Tuesday. It specifically targets the labels on the house mix and decaffeinated coffee cans from the Tewksbury supermarket chain.

According to the lawsuit, the cans are marked to contain enough coffee to brew 79 and 76 cups, respectively. However, following the instructions on the can, the plaintiff said that only 39 and 37 cups can be brewed.

“This means that consumers of the products, including the plaintiff, were cheated in both cases for 51% of the servings they paid for, based on the advertising, marketing and labeling of the products,” the lawsuit said.

Weymouth resident David Cohen is identified as the lead plaintiff, represented by Boston attorney John T. Longo.

The lawsuit states that “tens of thousands” of customers are members of the class covered by the lawsuit and that each is entitled to damages of $ 25 each.

In response to the lawsuit, a Market Basket spokesman said the label in question would no longer be used in this lawsuit.

“The label mentioned in the lawsuit is no longer in our stores,” they said. “We believe the lawsuit has no value.”

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