The Legal Tech-To-English Dictionary: Matter & Spend Management

There is a term for lawyers using Latin and other obscure languages ​​to describe legal processes to consumers: “Legal”.

But there is no similar term for vendors using technical and other obscure languages ​​to describe their legal software operations for attorneys.

It is true that this dynamic may seem unfair. But now we have the Legal Tech-to-English Dictionary to help us deal with it.

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Business process optimization

  1. A method of adding efficiencies to existing business practices in order to update those practices.
  2. Referred to as “legal process management” in relation to corporate legal departments.

Attorney 1: Jim, I don’t want to jinx anything here, but our new system looks really great. We absolutely the heck stapled these files.

Lawyer 2: And the new Redwelds look fantastic!

Attorney 1: Can you at all? imagine the efficiency savings we get when we can flip through stapled Copies!

Lawyer 2: ABC Corp will so impressed with what we did here.

See. Possibly the best movie scene ever about lean management tactics, from “The founder.”

Cycle time

  1. The amount of time it takes to complete a task.
  2. A Lean Six Sigma Concept that aims to reduce the time between tasks or from the beginning to the end of a matter.

Attorney 1: Okay, we’re down to 47 minutes for compressing a PDF.

Lawyer 2: Sweet.

Attorney 1: ABC Corp will be so impressed with what we’ve done here.

Compare these little timers in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru that determine the average order process time. Yes, you need a version of this for your law firm.

External Consulant

  1. An attorney or law firm hired by a corporation to assist in non-employment legal matters.
  2. Biglaw et al.

Corporate Attorney 1: I asked the law firm Thomas to provide us with a utilization figure for our projects.

Business lawyer 2: Yes and . . .

Corporate Attorney 1: They sent this hand-drawn picture of a monkey throwing feces against its cage wall.

Corporate Attorney 2: Yes and …


  1. Electronic invoicing = paying and submitting invoices online.
  2. A process whereby lawyers can invoice their clients for legal work and receive payments for it.

Corporate attorney: So I checked your eBilling records this month and there are several problems. You have exceeded your daily hourly limit, you are using the wrong billing code and you have forgotten the secret code word “Rumpelstiltskin”.

External Consulant: Okay, what entries.

Corporate attorney: All of them.

External Consulant: Well, shit.


  1. The selection and purchase of legal or legal-related services from external providers.

Corporate Attorney 1: I’ve looked through our current supplier list and see a note here for a monthly ‘Cuddly toy‘Allotment? What is it about?

Business lawyer 2: (looks out of the hood of a sleeveless blanket) It is Yes, really cold in the office, Melinda.

Corporate attorney 2: can you fill mine Robot pancakes with batter and turn it on before you go? Thanks very much.

See. The procurement process is controlled by RFPs (Requests for Proposal), in which the company’s legal departments check and select suppliers.

Jared Correia, a legal technology consultant and expert, hosts the Non-Eventcast, the Above the Law non-event podcast for tech-savvy lawyers.

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