The Legal Tech Non-Event: The Origin Story

Every good institution has a strong original narrative. If you’ve ever seen a superhero movie you know this.

In this meta-episode of the non-eventcast, I discuss with Cathy Kenton from the Legal Tech Marketing Group, together with John Lerner and Brian Dalton from Above the Law, how the Legal Tech Non-Event came about.

Find out how it all started and how it works. Then binge the previous episodes.


  • The making of the NonEvent podcast – 3:45
  • There are so many products on the market – 4:34
  • Make product recommendations – 5:42
  • Where they started – 7:00
  • Make the non-event online – 13:56
  • A community of tech startups – 8:47 pm
  • Make informed decisions – 27:46
  • Loving technique – 28:22

Episode resources

Jared Correia, a legal technology consultant and expert, hosts the Non-Eventcast, the Above the Law non-event podcast for tech-savvy lawyers.

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