The 2022 In-house Legal Tech Report

The relationship between in-house legal teams and technology is changing. While corporate legal departments are still trying to shake the reputation of being slow to modernize, adapt, and adopt new technology, a recent study commissioned by ContractWorks paints a very different picture of today’s modern legal professionals.

This major new study, carried out by international research agency Censuswide, reveals key trends from 350 in-house legal professionals from the United States and the United Kingdom. General counsel, in-house lawyers, and other members of the legal department share insight on the lasting impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the legal workforce and their personal experiences and preferences about work style, legal technologies, and their employers.

Research shows that legal tech adoption is on the rise, and that when in-house lawyers adopt the right solutions, the results can be transformative for both the business and the individual. Legal tech is empowering in-house teams to streamline processes and workflows, work more efficiently, and become more productive in their roles, which is ultimately leading to higher levels of job satisfaction.

Solving challenges with technology, however, isn’t always a straightforward process. The study shows that implementing and adopting new technology remains an obstacle for some legal professionals, and widely failed tech implementation projects can have repercussions that go beyond simply not being able to automate manual work.

The good news is that by working with your team to plan out the tech adoption process from evaluation to implementation, you’ll significantly improve the chances of recognizing value from new tech quickly.

The 2022 In-house Legal Tech Report uses data from this study to expand on:

● The Pandemic’s impact on the in-house legal community

● Recent trends in legal tech adoption and usage by corporate legal teams

● The positive impacts of legal technology — and the fallout when tech adoption projects fall short

● The keys to ensuring a happy and productive legal team

● How to get legal tech right and recognize value as quickly as possible

Download the 2022 In-house Legal Tech Report: How the Pandemic helped shape a Legal Tech revolution.

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