Tesla Solar Roof Lawsuit Filed by California Man Says Costs Rose by 40%

  • A California man filed a lawsuit against Tesla, saying the company had raised its price several times.
  • The class action lawsuit said a Tesla representative told the man that a 41% price hike was a “company decision.”
  • A $ 64,735 rooftop project was raised to $ 95,107, but then lowered, the complaint said.

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A Tesla customer in California said in a class action lawsuit that the tech company raised the price of solar roof projects several times after signing the contract.

According to Babek Malek’s lawsuit, the initial 41% price increase was a “corporate decision,” according to his lawsuit. The lawsuit described the company’s actions as “bait and switch”.

Malek of West Hills filed the complaint earlier this month, adding to a handful of other federal class action lawsuits over price changes for solar roofs filed in California and Pennsylvania. Each of the lawsuits said Tesla raised prices after customers signed contracts. A California judge should decide whether to group some or all of the lawsuits into a single class action lawsuit.

The details of Malek’s contract changes followed a similar pattern as other homeowners.

In January, Malek said he signed a $ 64,735 contract to have a solar roof installed on his 3,615-square-foot roof.

In April, Tesla increased Malek’s contract price on its website by 41% to $ 91,400, according to its complaint.

“[Malek] has made several attempts to contact project consultants at Tesla, “said the lawsuit.” He was finally able to contact a consultant who gave no other explanation for the change in the contract price than ‘company decision’. ”

In June, Tesla raised the contract price again to $ 95,107, which the complaint said was about 47% higher than its original contract.

In July, Tesla cut the expected electricity production from Malek’s solar roof and also cut the price to $ 90,367.44, the complaint said.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment. Malek’s lawyers did not respond to a request for comment either.

As with previous complaints about Solar Roofs’ pricing, Malek’s lawsuit moved for class action status. The lawsuit states that Malek withdrew from an arbitration agreement in the latest contract in June.

The lawsuit said Tesla violated the Truth in Lending Act, its contract, and several California laws.

“Many customers waited months before being presented with a new, more expensive contract and started a new watch for their installation period,” said Malek’s complaint.

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