Substantive judicial appointments were denied due to the direct work of the PNC

Dear Editor,

Aubrey Norton tells us of the Opposition’s affirmation of the statutory appointments of the chief justice and chancellor. The substantive appointments of these two ladies was denied due to the direct diabolical work of the PNC. The PNC were more interested in fielding out the justices political leanings, rather than making them substantive in their positions.

According to the PNC, constitutional appointments must be based on the PNC’s party control of the judiciary and whatever the decisions emanating therefrom must be according to party dictates and not on law. And this comes as nothing new, because the founder leader of that party, Burnham, did the very same thing when the party’s flag was flown above the courts showing clearly who controlled decisions there.

Since 2016 those appointments should have been made substantive, why this wasn’t done is anybody’s guess. But those days are long gone, as we look forward to the new dispensation of fairness and transparency in the judiciary.


Neil Adams

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