Special Section: 2021 Cannabis Law

Read The Legal’s Cannabis Law supplement about mergers and acquisitions and financing deals in the growing industry, new regulations for employers, legal risks associated with CBD advertising, and how to deal with marijuana insurance problems.

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Cannabis insiders are preparing for M&A and financing deals

The winnings after the elections create excitement and renewed interest.

Cannabis stocks are a growing risk for trustees

By 2021, most people can be forgiven for feeling that investing in cannabis companies is completely legal and risk-free. After all, the vast majority of states allow adult use, medicinal use, or at least some type of CBD use, and the 2018 federal government’s Farm Bill rescheduled CBD made from hemp.

What insurers and cannabis companies need to know about federal law

Any new business looking to manage risk needs to consider which insurance they need to protect their assets. But government-licensed cannabis companies have been forced to manage risk without widely available and affordable insurance that meets all operational requirements.

If there is smoke, is it okay to fire? New cannabis rules for employers

With the legalization of cannabis, employers are facing new challenges as to what they can, must do, and should do about their employees.

Gummies, tinctures and masks, oh my! Legal Risks Around CBD Advertising

As cannabidiol (CBD) products – from body creams to gums, tinctures, and face masks – have grown in popularity, law enforcement agencies and class actions against labeling and advertising claims have also gained in popularity.

The burgeoning cannabis industry and its insurance problems

In anticipation of an expanded insurance market, this article provides an overview of some of the basic risks any cannabis company could face, along with the appropriate products that might respond to those risks.

How NJ handles marijuana legalization in the workplace

When medical marijuana became legal in New Jersey, employers and insurance carriers struggled to ascertain their rights and responsibilities to an injured worker prescribed marijuana to treat an occupational injury.

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