Repubblika withdraws judicial appointments case

The civil society organization Repubblika has withdrawn its legal challenge to the system of judicial appointments following a decision recently announced by the European Court of Justice.

Attorney Jason Azzopardi, who stood on behalf of Repubblika, said the challenge helped bring about important reforms and on April 15, four judges were appointed without government intervention.

By referring to the European Court of Justice, Repubblika has secured important guidelines for all EU citizens on the independence of the judiciary, which is vital to a democracy, he added

The ECJ’s declaration had received academic recognition and Repubblika was proud of that.

The European Court of Justice declared on April 20 that the Prime Minister’s power to select judges from a shortlist does not violate EU law, the European Court of Justice ruled.

Azzopardi said Republic’s legal efforts had resulted in an unprecedented reassessment of Maltese and European jurisprudence on this important issue, which is likely to benefit society as a whole.

The prosecutor said he was aware of the withdrawal of the case and agreed that each of the parties should bear their respective legal and judicial costs.

In view of this, Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti thanked the parties for their good behavior and declared the case closed.

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