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New York City’s largest mergers and acquisitions of 2022 ranked by value

The number of deals fell 61%, from nearly 8,000 in 2021 to a bit more than 3,000 last year. The activity across both metrics was below prepandemic levels. Last year the average deal size was $577 million, and only 71 deals had a value of more than $1 billion.

The largest deal involved investment firm KKR, which is headquartered in Hudson Yards, and British telecommunications company Vodafone. The transaction, worth more than $17 billion, was for a stake in Vodafone’s Vantage Towers, a unit based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Although the top-ranking deal on this year’s list, it pales in comparison to 2021’s historic $104 billion acquisition of Warner Media by Discovery.

Deal-making hesitancy could continue this year, as the public market remains volatile and interest rates and inflation are still high.

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