Legal tech market rebounding after COVID-19 dip

Gillian Scott also saw challenges in the legal technology market when COVID hit in March. Scott is a partner for innovative products at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP. Scott was previously a partner in the process group and is now responsible for evaluating, developing, staffing, pricing and launching Osler’s legal product offerings, including Osler Dash, an automated platform for franchise disclosure and e-contracting.

“Trying to sell new products during a pandemic is extremely difficult. Selling legal products in and of itself is not an easy task, but during a pandemic where people struggle to keep their businesses profitable, it’s not a good time to come up with new legal offers, ”says Scott.

“If we emerge from it, there is indeed an opportunity.”

In August, Barr and Thomson Reuters introduced HighQ 5.4, a cloud-based platform for customer, document, project, transaction, process, compliance and portfolio management. HighQ was founded in 2001 and was privately owned until 2015. When Thomson Reuters acquired it in July 2019, it was used by 400 law firms worldwide.

“We have always focused on developing collaboration software and loyalty software. And over the years we’ve expanded our platform significantly, ”says Barr.

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