Legal Tech Adoption Jenga: People Clerk and Quiktract

While we typically deal with B2B technology, we’re doing something different this month by exploring the rollout process for two B2C companies in the legal industry. Both offer services designed to help laypeople navigate aspects of the legal system that are less frequented by lawyers: small claims courts and the drafting of freelance contracts. However, as any person who has either had difficulty getting paid for their work or has been in small claims court can attest, working in these areas without an attorney is easier said than done.

To understand how People Clerk and Quiktract approach adoption, we spoke to People Clerk co-founders Camila Lopez and Gustavo Lozano, as well as Quiktract co-founder and CEO Blake Stanton. We also heard from client Tiffany Green, who used People Clerk to file a small claims lawsuit, and Jessie Sloan, a freelance marketer who relied on Quiktract to help set up contracts. During our conversations, four adoption principles came to the fore:

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