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3 ‘Strong Buy’ stocks with 100% upside potential

Every stock investor wants a strong return; that’s axiomatic, that’s why people get into the stock market from the start. But the markets are inherently risky, and finding the sweet spot – the right combination of risk and reward – seems to be as much an art as a science. However, you can use science to minimize the risk. We are talking about statistical science, the study of numbers, their patterns and the relationships between them. This can give investors an objective view of the broader market or specific stocks and can even be used to measure the success of the stock market traders, professional traders and analysts. We used the tools on the TipRanks platform to sort through the publicly traded stocks and find three that have a solid combination of risk and reward. Specifically, we looked for Strong Buy stocks that recently got a thumbs up from an analyst – along with a price target that suggests upside potential of 100% or better. Doubling your money sounds like a good return. So let’s find out what else these stocks mean for you. Rezolute (RZLT) We start in the biopharmaceutical industry, where Rezolute specializes in developing drug therapies – new drugs – for patients with difficult-to-treat metabolic diseases. These are often referred to as orphan diseases, diseases that very few patients have and therefore have a limited market. Rezolute is currently working on two pipeline projects, both for conditions similar to or related to diabetes. The company’s lead drug candidate, RZ358, is currently in an open phase 2b trial for the treatment of congenital hyperinsulinism (CHI), a rare pediatric disease in which the pancreas produces too much insulin, resulting in extremely low blood sugar with cascading effects performs all over the body. RZ402, the second drug candidate, is in phase 1 clinical trials. It is an orally administered treatment for diabetic macular edema, one of the causes of diabetic blindness. Rezolute included development updates on two leading drug candidates in its most recent financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2021. For RZ358, the company determined that patients are still enrolled in the Phase 2b RIZE study and that the top-line data is expected to be available in 2H21. For the Phase 1 study of RZ402, Resolute announced that the study is complete and that initial results showed that once-daily oral dosing is possible. The company will initiate a phase 1 b study in the third quarter of 21 as a step towards phase 2 studies. In financial results, Rezolute reported that he had $ 32 million in cash and equivalents, enough to fund operations through the third calendar quarter of 2022. HC Wainwright’s five-star analyst Douglas Tsao began his coverage of RZLT with an optimistic outlook, writing: “Rezolute is poised to step into the spotlight with two assets with novel mechanisms … Despite assets with promising data and differentiated mechanisms Rezolute largely overlooked by the investment community, which we largely due to its entry into the public markets via a reverse merger and an OTC listing. However, with key catalysts to come and a recent listing on the NASDAQ, we believe it is time investors paid attention to this story. “Tsao gives the stock a buy rating and a target price of $ 21, implying an upward movement of 103% for the coming year. (To view Tsao’s track record, click here.) The Strong Buy consensus rating on RZLT stock is based on 3 most recent reviews – and they’re all positive, making the consensus unanimous. The share price is at $ 10.33 with an average target price of $ 25.33, bringing the upside potential to a robust 145% for a year. (See Rezolute’s stock analysis at TipRanks.) Westport Fuel Systems, Inc. (WPRT) Next, we have Westport Fuel Systems, a green company in the energy and transportation industry that makes natural gas engines and related fuel system components for both Passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. Westport is a leader in high pressure direct injection technology and also produces engines for propane and hydrogen fuels. Westport holds 1,400 patents or patent applications relating to alternative fuel systems. Last year the company had sales in 70 countries for total revenues of $ 252 million. In its first quarterly report for the current year, Westport had revenue of $ 76.4 million, beating estimates by $ 3.81 million and up 14% over Q1 20. The company posted a net loss in the first quarter; Despite the lack of the street’s forecast of $ 0.01, the 2 cents per share loss was far less than the 12 cents loss in the year-ago quarter. Westport aims to reach $ 1 billion in annual business by the middle of this decade. Covering the stock, Amit Dayal, 5-star analyst at HC Wainwright, was impressed with the first quarter results. Dayal wrote, “The year-over-year sales strength is due to a 25.0% increase in OEM sales, supported by demand for light commercial vehicles. The gross margin for the quarter improved to 17.0% from 15.5% in the fourth quarter of 20, aided by the product mix. Commenting on the company’s outlook, the analyst added, “A key takeaway from the call was management’s increasing focus on driving growth in North America. We believe that regulatory factors in this region are now putting pressure on fleet owners to look for lower-emission trucks. This, in our opinion, contributes to the company’s available solutions that already address this need. ”In line with these comments, Dayal rated the WPRT stock as a buy. Its price target of $ 16 indicates an increase of 155% for the next 12 months. (To see Dayal’s track record, click here.) Like RZLT above, Westport received 3 positive stock ratings for a unanimous Strong Buy consensus rating. WPRT shares have an average price target of $ 13.33, which is a year-long upward movement of 112% from the current trading price of $ 6.26. (See Westport’s stock analysis at TipRanks.) Ayr Wellness (AYRWF) For the final stock on our list, let’s turn to the fast-growing cannabis industry. Ayr Wellness is a US-based cannabis company, an MSO (Multistate Operator), whose activities range from growing the plants to distributing the product. Ayr has pharmacies in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Pennsylvania and offers a range of products for both medical and recreational users. The legal cannabis market is young and still growing rapidly. In Ayr’s report for the first quarter of 21, the company posted revenue growth of 74% year over year to $ 58.4 million. Ayr has focused on expanding its presence. During the quarter, the acquisition of Liberty Health Sciences in Florida was completed. The move added 42 pharmacies to Ayr’s Florida operations, giving the company the fourth largest “cannabis footprint” in the third largest state. Ayr also completed acquisitions in Arizona and Ohio, with Ohio operations scheduled to begin in the next quarter. The company expects to enter the New Jersey market by the end of summer. Echelon analyst Andrew Semple sees the company’s expansion as the driving force and writes about Ayr: “We forecast strong growth, with our forecast revenue of 120 million. In the coming quarters, Ayr will be based on the contribution of the first full quarter of its acquired businesses in Arizona and Florida, the completion of the Garden State Dispensary acquisition in New Jersey (estimated Q321), significant capacity expansions in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, and Nevada (as well as MA / OH due to go live in 2022), and 14 new ones Pharmacies that will be in operation until 2021 based on QE Q121. “Semple, a five-star analyst who is among the top 100 analysts on Wall Street, has given the stock a buy rating and raised its price target from $ 70 ($ 58) to $ 74 ($ 61), which is an 100 percent price increase for the coming year. (To see Semple’s track record, click here.) There are 5 recent reviews on this stock, split 4 to 1 in favor of buy versus hold, all of which result in a consensus rating of strong buy. The average target price is $ 45.58, an increase of 49% in the coming year. (See Ayr Wellness stock analysis at TipRanks. To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for informational purposes only and it is very important that you do your own research before making any investment.

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