Joey Janela Says He’s Rooting For WWE In Lawsuit Against MLW

As MLW prepares to go to court with WWE after they filed a class action lawsuit Tuesday, they know that one wrestler they know won’t support them is “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela. The AEW and GCW star, who worked with MLW in 2018, shot at MLW and owner Court Bauer on Twitter after it was revealed the company was filing a federal antitrust lawsuit against WWE.

In MLW’s lawsuit against WWE, MLW accuses the promotion of nullifying a streaming deal between MLW on Tubi TV in 2021. The lawsuit also alleges that a WWE executive asked Vice TV to stop airing MLW programs that same year. No trial date has been set for the lawsuit at this time.

Janela stated that he hoped WWE (whom he dubbed “the Titans”) would defeat her in court.

“This guy put ‘No GCW’ in his new contracts because I denounced him for taking advantage of young talent,” Janela claimed. “I hope the Titan wipes them out. I know it’s cool to support the underdog taking on the big dog, but it’s not…”

Joey Janela also later quoted tweeting Giancarlo Dittamo as wondering how MLW could afford to fund a lawsuit while paying very little for their talent. Janela just responded with a “shh” emoji.

“I hope these people know that a lawyer costs more than $150 a month for two years,” Dittamo said.

Since leaving MLW in 2018, Joey Janela has been critical of the organization, particularly over how their wrestlers are paid. In 2020, Janela claimed on Twitter that most MLW undercards made less than $3,000 per year, while the top stars made only $10,000 per year.

You can read Joey Janela’s tweets below.

This guy put “No GCW” in his new contracts because I called him about exploiting young talent… I hope the Titan gets them out…

I know it’s cool to support the underdog taking on the big dog, but it’s not…


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