Investigative committee releases draft report on judicial probe | 406 Politics

The Supreme Court defended these allegations when the judges testified before the committee earlier this month. Chief Justice Mike McGrath attempted to stem the escalation of the committee by stating that the Supreme Court justices did not participate in lobbying the Montana Judges Association.

Montana Supreme Court Justice Dirk Sandefur, right, questions Maureen Lennon,

Montana Supreme Court Justice Dirk Sandefur, right, interviewed Maureen Lennon, attorney for the Montana Association of Counties, on behalf of the Lincoln County Sheriff during a hearing in the Montana Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Thom Bridge

The Democrats have also resisted the majority party and called the probe a “witch hunt”, which leads to a constitutional crisis. Two Democrats, Kim Abbott of Helena, minority chairman of the House of Representatives, and Diane Sands, Senator from Missoula, were appointed to the committee that beat up Republicans to promote public confidence in the judiciary as part of a long-term strategy Upholding the conservatives to undermine legislation.

Judge Jim Rice argued on the District Court files that a subpoena from the legislature for his communications, including his personal phone, was in violation of the legislature’s authority.

Republicans did not point out any specific law during the investigation, but the report released Wednesday includes a recommended recommendation “to consider whether laws are needed to take into account the committee’s findings”. It is also recommended that the Committee’s investigation be broadened in a number of areas, including whether the government officials or officials involved should be referred to the “appropriate authorities for further investigation”.

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