Interoperability vs. Legal Tech Platform—Breaking Down the Silos

When adopting technologies, it is important to consider the context in which they will be used. That may sound simple, but it is too often forgotten. And since the past year has seen major changes in the way we live – often most noticeably in the way we work – legal technology needs to blend in seamlessly with today’s remote, dispersed workforce.

With many in-house lawyers and legal operations teams using asynchronous collaboration and communication tools to enable productive work between teams – while under pressure to maintain performance – technologies like AI are no longer positioned as a threat to workplaces. Technology is not our enemy.

In fact, neither employees nor employers can deploy digital productivity, collaboration, and communication tools quickly enough. Without them, of course, even more companies would have perished in these challenging times. We are now entering a phase in which the focus is shifting to the other AI – Augmented Intelligence.

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