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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – It’s an experience on the street that you can shake off or get out of your head.

“I was stopped and I’m talking about blocking an entire lane and drawing their guns. It was actually pretty scary, “said Cindi Musgraves.

Cindi and Myles Musgraves were driving their Hertz rental car through Mount Juliet in September 2020 when they said they were stopped and accused of stealing their rental car.

“We even showed them papers that we had a lease with them that was never updated,” said Myles Musgraves.

Lawyer Francis Malofiy said he had heard this not once or twice but over 100 times. Malofiy is representing the Musgraves and over 160 people in a class action lawsuit against Hertz.

“You can’t track your inventory. Their computer systems are broken and they don’t do a check to see where their cars are, ”Malofiy said.

According to the lawsuit, once Hertz finds a bug in its system, Hertz refuses to withdraw the police reports and leaves the person stuck in the system.

PDF: Musgrave’s petition for discharge

“Instead of locating their inventory and doing the necessary inventory checks, they simply report the car as stolen and shift the burden from a private company to the public,” Malofiy said.

News4 contacted Hertz for an interview in front of the camera. The company refused. Hertz has published the following statement:

“Hertz is very important to our customers and we successfully offer rental vehicles to tens of millions of travelers every year. Unfortunately, the attorneys on the legal matters discussed have a track record of making baseless claims that are obviously misrepresenting the facts. The vast majority of these cases are tenants who were many weeks or even months overdue to return vehicles and who stopped communicating with us well beyond the scheduled due date. Situations in which vehicles are reported to the authorities are very rare and only occur after exhaustive attempts to reach the customer. “

It’s a statement Myles and Cindi Musgraves disagree with.

“We have a receipt that they were indeed paid in full, and they are still reporting the car as stolen. They reported the car stolen after sending me a receipt stating that the car was returned, ”said Cindi Musgraves.

She said her case was eventually dismissed, but for this couple the memory will stay on her mind.

“You ruined a very good job I had down there. They ruined my love for Tennessee, that’s for sure, and they made my life difficult for a year, “said Cindi Musgraves. “I hope Hertz does what they are supposed to do and does it well for everyone who has this happened.”

For information on this class action lawsuit, contact Malofiy at 215-500-1000 or fill out an online form.

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