Governor Brian Kemp makes 4 judicial appointments, intends to appoint a District Attorney for Houston Judicial Circuit – 41NBC News

Governor Brian Kemp announced four judicial appointments and his intention to appoint a district attorney for Houston County on Jan. 7.

According to a release from Kemp’s office, Judge Charles E. Bailey will take the seat on DeKalb County State Court, Ana Maria Martinez will take the seat on the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit, and Judge Richard Read will take the seat on Rockdale County State Court.

Kemp says he intends to appoint William Kendall to the Houston Judicial Circuit District Attorney after a vacancy from George H. Hartwig III. was created.

William Kendall has served as the Assistant District Attorney for the Houston Judicial District since March 2021, and served as the Associate Attorney in Cordele from 2018-2021 and Houston and Cordele from 2019-2021. Prior to engaging in legal affairs, Kendall served as a Marine Criminal Investigator from 2009 to 2013, and as the Marine Military Police / Military Working Dog Handler University from 2006 to 2009, and received a doctorate in law from the Southern Illinois University School of Law.

This was Kendall’s response to Kemp’s announcement:

“I am honored and grateful for the governor’s decision to allow me to continue
Houston County citizen serving as district attorney. We have achieved a lot in recent years
Months and plan to continue our efforts. Our mission remains clear to prosecute criminals
assisting law enforcement and serving the Houston County’s victims – all to seek and justice
make our community a safer place.
I’m a marine veteran and a former detective. During my service and
Abroad, I had the opportunity to gain experience in law enforcement and leadership. I have
used these skills as a foundation to create change in that office and better serve Houston County.
We recently hired our 30th employee. To give an insight, we had less than 10 employees in
our office on September 1st when I became assistant prosecutor. We are with almost full staff
Preparations for around 31 trial weeks, which are planned for 2022. Our experienced staff have
have planned and worked hard to prepare for the increase in processes while also considering the case
Backwater and proactive efforts by police and prosecutors on crime trends.
I’ve met with law enforcement in person and walked the crime scenes,
sometimes early in the morning to catch the trends in our
County and to better recognize the efforts of our law enforcement agencies. Despite the increase in the process
For weeks now, we’ve taken action to combat a number of trends in community crime, including some serious ones
Violent crime and juvenile delinquency.
As civil servants, we stand by and have to continue our efforts to bring justice to the victims
implemented a number of practices in our office to better serve our community, to serve the law
enforce and provide timely notifications and services to victims.
My leadership team and I have spent the past 100 days meeting with law enforcement
Officials and community service providers to strengthen and build relationships that enable
us to better serve our community. With this effort, we have attracted our community peers
Notice that we are ready to help you and that our door is always open.
Again, I am grateful for the governor’s decision and will continue to work hard to bring it about
Houston County resident. I and those who work with me will continue to seek justice with
Honor and Integrity “

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