Glasgow legal tech firm Exizent hires 35 in year

HI and welcome to the PM Business Briefing, as Glasgow-based legal technology company Exizent claims to have reached a number of key milestones, including signing its 50th customer and increasing the workforce to over 35, just over a year after Founding.

It provides a cloud-based bereavement platform that enables users to capture all estate information, upload and securely store documents, personal information, assets and liabilities, generate and fill out forms, and perform data searches to quickly fill in missing information.

Glover Priest, a law firm based in Birmingham, Staffordshire and Northamptonshire and Hughes Parry based in North Wales, is the latest client to sign up for Exizent’s platform.

Exizent was launched in September 2020 and early adopters of the platform include Friends Legal and Thorntons, while the Trust Inheritance Group was signed in May 2021.

Partnering with Experian, Exizent met a major challenge for legal services providers by making the process of identifying key bank assets and financial liabilities related to an estate “faster and more reliable”, including those not necessarily known to relatives or family executors “.

Lawyers and firms using the Exizent platform now have access to an Experian report containing data on the deceased in minutes, a process that can often take weeks.

As another important milestone, Exizent has increased the number of team members to 35 after hiring two new marketers.

Nick Cousins, Exizent Founder and CEO, said, “Our ultimate goal is to become an integral part of the journey of mourning. Although we are happy to have already achieved so much, we have only been in our mission for a year and have great ambitions to further develop and improve the platform. ”

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