Gamblers file class-action lawsuit against Baffert

The poor Medina spirit did not ask for anything.

Horse racing’s most famous and successful coach, Bob Baffert, who trained Medina Spirit and later used a prohibited substance on horseback after winning the Kentucky Derby on May 1, is reportedly being sued by “multiple players” in a new class. Legal action.

“The players in the lawsuit claim they wagered serious money on the horse that came in second, Mandaloun,” said TMZ, “and if it hadn’t been for Baffert’s dirty horse, they would have made a fortune.”

The point of sale also contained excerpts from filing with a California federal court:

“Plaintiffs allege there are conspiracies between Baffert and other owners and / or trainers to commit the acts described above to engage in illegal gambling and / or horse doping through a pattern of extortion activities. … For example, May 1st In 2021, the defendants took part in the 147th round of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky on a horse, Medina Spirit, and won $ 1,860,000 in a horse doping program in thoroughbred racing. ”

Baffert has won seven Kentucky Derby crowns in his career, including one during American Pharoah’s historic Triple Crown run in 2015.

While all of this is going on, Medina Spirit will still be able to compete in the Preakness Stakes on Saturday May 15th. Baffert also has another horse on the line up called the Concert Tour.

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