Federal Judge Opens Door to Housekeeper Class Action Lawsuit

According to the Cook County Record, two former Chicago area housekeepers can bring class action lawsuits against their employer after a federal judge ruled in their favor this month.

The two women claim their former employer, Best Maids Inc. of Hickory Hills, Illinois, failed to pay their workers for travel time between jobs. Best Maids employs around 90 housekeepers who look after more than 900 customers.

Plaintiffs, who worked for Best Maids from 2015 to 2017, say they were not paid for regularly driving themselves and their employees to construction sites and driving to their employer’s office to collect supplies, equipment and keys and submit. They also claim that Best Maids have set fixed times for housekeepers to finish a job. If the tasks took longer than allotted, they usually weren’t paid for the extra time.

Plaintiffs alleged Best Maids was in breach of the US Fair Labor Standards Act and sought class action status for their lawsuit.

Best Maids officials said the defendants had failed to show that the company followed a “common practice of refusing to pay compensation.” In addition, the company believed that class action status was inappropriate as claims from different households for unreimbursed travel time were too individual.

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