EDD problems persist as class action lawsuit filed against Bank of America

David Koning says he was a victim of fraud and withdrew $ 16,000 from his accounts at EDD Bank of America.

“It’s very frustrating because a lot of people could get on people’s accounts,” says Koning.

He also deals with serious health problems.

“I was born with only half a heart in my body and was dead for six minutes and came back to life four times,” said Koning, who posted his story on YouTube. He says he needs the money for another operation.

“I just don’t know what to do,” he said.

He is not alone.

The employment development department has put millions of claims on hold. There has also been a suspension of accounts due to fraud. A class action lawsuit has now been filed against Bank of America.

“Bank of America should have known this was coming, they did not take basic security measures. Instead, they gave cards without a chip, just a magnetic strip that can be easily defrauded,” said attorney Brian Danitz, who filed the lawsuit .
The EDD recognizes problems through its online system. It is said to be working to reopen claims to those who are eligible and have money in their accounts.

“The EDD is working hard on these claims to automatically make these weeks available and notifying your constituents when they have weeks to certify ongoing benefits.”

Koning says he’s tried to deal with EDD and Bank of America, but so far can’t resolve his problem.

“I talked to EDD every day and they said they sent the papers, but when I spoke to Bank of America they said they never got them,” Koning said.

“Bank of America should allow people to hear their claims. There are currently thousands of claims that are not being processed by Bank of America,” said Danitz.

The governor announced his budget last week but said nothing about the problems with the EDD. A number of lawmakers are pushing for an investigation.

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