Dubai: 19 charged with embezzling over Dh183 million from law firm – News

The defendants were also charged with forging official documents and thus setting up four consulting firms in other countries.

The Dubai Public Prosecutor’s Office referred 19 people of various nationalities, including four refugees, to the criminal court for embezzling more than Dh183 million from a law firm.

The defendants were also charged with forging official documents and thus setting up four consulting firms in other countries.

According to Al Khaleej, the case dates back to 2017 when the owner of a law firm discovered that the office manager (the main defendant) along with the rest of the defendants had tampered with the firm’s profits by falsifying closing statements and falsifying documents.


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The firm’s owner accused his office manager and several employees of forgery and setting up legal offices in four countries to steal money from his office and clients.

He alleged that the defendant had submitted forged documents to authorities in order to set up a counseling center without his knowledge, with the intention of defrauding his clients, collecting fees for proceedings related to his office and unjustifiably profiting from funds belonging to him.

During the investigation, an employee in the Sharjah Free Zone confirmed that the lead defendant in the case filed in 2014 on behalf of three other defendants with notarized power of attorney to set up an administrative services and advisory company. In 2016, the four of the defendant filed for the company’s contract to be terminated.

Dubai prosecutors have charged the defendants on seven counts, including embezzlement of Dh183,660,000 owned by the law firm.

It also accused the lead defendant of divulging data from clients of the law firm for the benefit of companies he founded with his wife and other defendants in a free zone in two cities in the country and four cities around the world.


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The Dubai Public Prosecutor charged the remaining defendants of participating in and assisting the main defendant in the above charges, as well as possession of criminal funds and breach of trust.

It also accused a European national of having participated in forging an electronic document and using it with prior knowledge.

The Sharjah Court of Appeals upheld a preliminary ruling by the Criminal Court that three employees who were absent from the same law firm were detained for a period of three years. A fourth convict was also detained for six months, followed by deportation.

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