Dog bites in Colorado – Denver Personal Injury Attorney

Colorado follows the “one bite” or “first bite” rule when it comes to dog bite claims. Generally, a dog owner is not liable for damages caused by their dog’s first bite (the first time they’ve bitten someone), unless they “knew or should have known” that their dog had the propensity to bite or be aggressive.

A Colorado dog owner can be held liable for injuries caused by their dog when the victim can prove that the owner knew or should have known that the dog would bite or be aggressive. If the dog has bitten someone before, or has shown signs of aggression, the owner may be held liable for any subsequent bites.

Even if the dog has never bitten anyone before, the owner may still be held liable if they were negligent in controlling or restraining their dog. For example, if the owner allows their dog to run loose in a public place and the dog bites someone, the owner may be held liable for the victim’s injuries.

It’s essential to note that Colorado’s first bite rule does not apply in cases of strict liability for injuries sustained, such as when the victim is under 14 or the dog owner violates a local leash law.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in Colorado, it is essential to seek medical help and report the incident to local authorities. Furthermore, contact my office right away for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney who can explain your legal options and help pursue compensation for your damages.

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