Class-action lawsuit filed over burial problems at Detroit cemetery

DETROIT – Twenty families contacted the police because they feared that their loved ones were buried in the wrong place in the Gethsemane cemetery, according to the authorities.

The families knew something was wrong and said the cemetery administration would not give them a straight answer.

After three days of excavations and police and FBI investigations, some families are filing class action lawsuits against the city of Detroit – which owns the property, a local church, and two cemetery management companies.

The 18-page lawsuit claims Gethsemane Cemetery officials:

  • Family members buried on land other than that purchased by the families;

  • Intentionally misrepresented where bodies were buried;

  • Gravestones, tombstones and remains moved to a place other than their original resting place without consent or required permits;

  • Tombs sold twice in Gethsemane Cemetery or the burial of several deceased in a single tomb, while those who bought the tomb led to believe that only their person would be buried there

The lawsuit can be read in full below.

You can see Shawn Ley’s story in the video above.

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