Class action lawsuit filed against TTU over tuition for online learning

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – A class action lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the Texas Tech University System by Angelo State student Peggy Brown.

The lawsuit seeks reimbursement of tuition fees for all students who have had personal, practical training for semesters affected by COVID-19 and whose courses have been switched to online learning.

The Texas Tech University system began migrating to online courses in Spring 2020.

The class action lawsuit states: “This is a class action lawsuit on behalf of anyone who has paid or will pay tuition fees to attend any of the universities in the tech system for personal, hands-on training for Covid-affected semesters. 19 from the spring semester 2020 and have shifted their academic achievements to remote online learning. These individuals paid all or part of the spring 2020 and summer 2020 tuition fees, which were between approximately $ 8,720.00 and $ 11,600.00 per semester for a resident undergraduate student and $ 21,170.00 to $ 23,870 for non-resident students ranged in undergraduate studies, with similar sentences for graduate students. The tuition fees include the payment of the mandatory fees. “

The lawsuit also states that the universities have not refunded any part of the tuition and compulsory fees.

“Due to the reaction of the regents to the Covid-19 pandemic, the universities suspended or severely restricted all educational services or institutions that were supposed to cover tuition and mandatory fees by mid-March.” The lawsuit continues: “As a result, the universities have unlawfully seized and are in possession of the property (monies) of the plaintiff and class members in the form of paid tuition and mandatory fees.”

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