CD Projekt faces another class action lawsuit over Cyberpunk 2077

By Sherif Saed on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 10:23 GMT

CD Projekt has responded to another lawsuit.

It looks like a new class action lawsuit has been filed Cyberpunk 2077 Developer and publisher of CD project in the USA.

This is the second CDP had to respond to this year, and it follows the one also filed in the US on December 24th.

According to a notice on CD Projekt’s investor website, the new lawsuit has a similar claim to the one filed in December. This class action lawsuit alleges that CD Projekt is misleading investors about the state of the game on last generation consoles.

“The company will take vigorous action to defend itself against such claims,” ​​replied CD Projekt, which is the same as it did for the other lawsuit.

It seems that CD Projekt is getting worse and worse. After an apology was released to gamers who claimed that many of the problems on PS4 and Xbox One were not found during testing, a Bloomberg report disproved those claims, revealing that studio management knew, among other things, how serious the problems were on PS4 and Xbox One have been fucking revelations.

Currently, CD Projekt Red is still working on patches that will be released throughout the year, starting with a major update in the next few days, followed by another in February. The developer doesn’t know when the game will return to PlayStation Store.

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