Biden’s 2021 judicial appointments outpaced Trump, Obama, Clinton and Bushes

By Will Hall, Editor-in-Chief of Baptist Message

WASHINGTON, DC – The White House released a statement celebrating President Biden’s success in appointing federal judges during his first year in office.

In 2021, “40 district and district judges were confirmed – most since Ronald Reagan was president,” the press release said, adding that an additional 35 nominees were announced despite no response from the US Senate. “Eighty percent of these confirmed judges are women, 53 percent are colored.”

The announcement comes amid controversy over the alleged conservative makeup of the US Supreme Court and former President Donald J. Trump’s redesign of the federal banks after former President Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure.

When Obama took office, there was only one Liberal bank among the 13 US appeals courts, but when he left there were nine Democratic majority-appointed courts. He also appointed two judges to the US Supreme Court.

Trump was successful in appointing three judges to the Supreme Court and also moved three federal appeals courts from a Democratic majority of the appointments, leaving seven out of 13 conservative. He also nearly turned the Liberal 9th ​​Court of Appeals around, leaving only two nominations behind the majority of Republican appointments.

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