Best Law Firm Mentors 2022: Stephen Serfass

Beyond his practice, Serfass is equally passionate about teaching and mentoring younger attorneys. He uses his leadership positions to build comradery and continually enhance the firm’s culture of support and collaboration. His commitment to formal and informal mentorship stems from the principle that mentorship is critical to developing healthy, trust-based relationships, discovering interests and skills, helping younger professionals gain confidence and progress in their careers, and effectively delivering value to clients.

Philadelphia partner Nolan Tully said that Serfass “exemplifies great mentorship and leadership by prioritizing his people and spending his valuable time by making sure that they have all the tools they need to succeed.” Associate Jamie Campisi echoed similar sentiment highlighting that he “graciously volunteers his time as a mentor in all respects,” and “takes the time to know everyone in the group, not only as attorneys and colleagues, but also as people and friends.”

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