Best Law Firm Mentors 2022: Gary Gremminger

Gary Gremminger, German Gallagher & Murtagh

Gremminger has been a partner at German Gallagher & Murtagh for more than 35 years. Throughout that time, he has mentored many successful associates and junior partners within the city and state.

His colleague, Andre J. Webb had this to say: “In 2018, I left my position as trial counsel of a large insurance company and accepted an associate position with the firm to work with Mr. Gremminger. Today, I am proud to state that I am an equity partner at the firm with a budding book of business. A feat made possible by the mentorship, guidance, and patience that Mr. Gremminger provided me throughout the last four years of my career. While this story is certainly unique for me, it is not uncommon within our firm. Gremminger has mentored many young attorneys who have become not only successful litigators and exemplar attorneys but also good people.”

As you built your career, who mentored you?

I was fortunate to have access to a number of senior attorneys at our firm (German Gallagher and Murtagh) who always made themselves available for consultation. No appointment was necessary. There was an open door policy which fostered ease of communication and they were willing to spend as much time as necessary to guide me through the issues.

What is the value of robust mentorship?

Mentorship is vital to provide a path to success for younger attorneys. A “sink or swim” approach is not conducive to professional growth. Providing direction at the early stage of a legal career will reap substantial benefits down the road.

Keeping in mind today’s rapidly changing profession, what’s one piece of advice you would give to a young lawyer?

Although the profession is changing rapidly, and will continue to do so, it is important for young attorneys to understand that there is no substitute for hard work. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there are shortcuts to success. learn the profession Provide the best possible quality service to clients and they will reward you with repeat business.

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