Attorney explains class action lawsuit involving Jackson City Court

JACKSON, Tenn. – If you were arrested in the city of Jackson between January 18, 2016 and January 18, 2019, you may be owed some money.

Mark Donahoe was one of the attorneys in a class action lawsuit that was settled back in November. It was alleged that arrest warrants were improperly signed and people were illegally held in prison.

“We started looking into it and investigating it, and it turned out that every arrest warrant in the city court in recent years has been invalid,” Donahoe said.

The million dollar deal included money for a website, advertising, legal fees, and between $ 100 and $ 2,100 for victims.

“It depends on how long you’ve been in jail for your illegal arrest warrants after that first 48-hour sentence,” Donahoe said.

How do you get your money? Donahoe says it should be a simple process.

“You don’t have to go to a lawyer for that. You don’t have to consult anyone to do this. You just go straight to the website, fill it in and you have the right to receive your money. “

But you have to act pretty quickly.

“Anyone affected must file a lawsuit by May 20 this year,” Donahoe said. “If you don’t make a claim or otherwise raise an objection before May 20th, you won’t be able to recover at all after that.”

After May 20, the court will have to re-approve the clawback and you should receive payments after that.

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