Angelos family agrees to transfer law firm to conservatorship as legal battle continues

BALTIMORE – An agreement was reached Thursday morning in the ongoing Angelos family legal battle.

As Peter Angelos remains in poor health, his family fights over control of his two assets – the Baltimore Orioles and the Angelos Law Firm.

According to court documents obtained by our media partners The Baltimore Banner Louis Angelo accuses his older brother John, and mother Georgia, of draining more than $65 million from their father Peter Angelos’ bank account.

Peter Angelos, majority owner of the Orioles, remains incapacitated after a collapse in 2017 and is suffering from advanced stage dementia, according to court documents.

Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Keith Truffer accepted an agreement reached Thursday by attorneys for all four members of the Angelos family transferring the Angelos Law Firm to a conservatorship.

The conservator will then decide what to do with the firm moving forward.

An agreement has been reached regarding the Angelos Law Firm part of this case. All sides agree it will be transferred to a conservator. This invalidates Louis’ transfer of the firm to his name.

— Paul Gessler (@PaulGessler) January 26, 2023

Details of the agreement are not immediately available as the case remains under seal. Attorneys are hoping to keep the proceedings private. A jury trial is scheduled to start in July.

“Total was just a huge victory and a huge step forward for resolving all of these claims,” ​​Georgia Angelos’ attorney Doug Gansler, Maryland’s former attorney general, said Thursday. “Today was a total victory for the Angelos family, the law firm, the clients of the law firm, and the people of Baltimore.”

John Angelos left court Thursday with his attorney Steven Silverman, who called the amended complaint filed earlier this week “a total fabrication.”

John Angelos leaves court with his attorney Steven Silverman, who calls the amended complaint filed this week a “total fabrication.” John wanted to talk baseball when I asked him whether we could take him up on his offer for an interview.

— Paul Gessler (@PaulGessler) January 26, 2023

John Angelos only wanted to talk about the Orioles on the baseball field.

“I think there will be a lot of good things to talk about with the Orioles in the years to come,” Angelos said. “We are going to have a lot of good conversations on the Orioles’ impact on the community and keep doing good things like we did in 2022, and (GM) Mike Elias is going to continue to do good work.”

The battle over the estate comes at a time when team leadership faces several major decisions, including whether to extend its lease to continue playing at Camden Yards.

Paul Gessler


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