ANALYSIS: Break Down Barriers to Legal Tech Usage With Training

Many law firms and legal departments report obstacles to using legal technology, and inadequate training can be a cause. To break down these barriers, companies should consider giving their lawyers and employees more opportunities to train in legal technology.

When asked about the barriers to the use of legal technology in their organizations, respondents to Bloomberg Law’s Legal Technology Survey 2021 said the top barriers were a lack of technical know-how, a lack of familiarity with available technologies, and insufficient time to learn of technology.

More than 70% of those surveyed stated that they had completed less than three hours of legal technology training on new or existing technologies in the past 12 months. But those who logged more exercise time were three times more likely to have no barriers than those who had less than an hour of exercise.

With this in mind, increasing the level of training of lawyers and legal technology staff can help remove these barriers. Organizations should consider the following:

  • Develop a well-defined, technology-based training plan and strategy.
  • Increase the time spent training on new and existing technologies.
  • Provide training resources and materials that lawyers and staff can use to learn about technology.
  • Provide attorneys with a dedicated number of hours that count towards their billable hourly needs and can be used for legal technology training.
  • Look for suggestions on how to improve your workout and what will be most helpful.
  • Work with software vendors or training professionals to develop more impactful training.

By investing more time in legal technology training, lawyers and staff can improve their understanding of existing technologies and make them more open to expanded use of technology. Investments in training that increase the use of technology now can lead to greater efficiency and productivity in the future.

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