Against the Odds: Thriving in a Challenging Legal Tech World

Legal tech can be a tough business, at least in part because of the strong nature of our law firms. Technology providers don’t just focus on solving problems, they try to convince companies to adopt those solutions, often against significant opposition. Law firm IT staff rely on skill and patience to do their job well. In turn, their technology providers need to be creative and precise in developing tools to support them and the rest of the company’s employees. For us in the legal tech world, the challenges of solving law firm problems are what makes success so rewarding.

Early in my career, I was a software developer for a financial planning product used by utility companies. I switched to technical support and implementation and eventually to senior management positions. I’ve spent my entire career in software, combining computer science with business in various ways. When I got into legal tech, I was surprised at how similar the problems are to many other industries. At its core, all software companies seek to provide the right technology and support with successful implementations that end users take over and increase customer success.

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