20 Cashbox fire victims seek NT$39.72 million in class action lawsuit

Taipei, Jan. 20 (CNA) The Consumers’ Foundation on Wednesday filed a class action lawsuit against Cashbox Partyworld’s KTV chairman Lien Tai-sheng (練 台 生) and six others on behalf of 20 petitioners filed with one Fires in the company’s lens store were injured in Taipei last year.

In the lawsuit filed in Taipei District Court, the Lien Foundation and six relatives – five employees and a maintenance foreman identified by the surname Wang (王) – asked for a total of NT $ 39.72 million in compensation. US $) to 20 people who were injured in a fire on April 26th in the Cashbox Partyworld Club on Linsen North Road.

According to the foundation, the 20 claimants are seeking compensation between NT $ 55,000 and NT $ 10.49 million, depending on the severity of their injuries.

Six people were killed in the fire and 54 were hospitalized. While the families of the six deceased and 97 injured have made compensation agreements, the remaining 20 were unable to negotiate terms with Lien.

Although Cashbox managers tried to reach an agreement with them, the applicants rejected the offered terms and asked for an apology from Lien.

Lien and the other six were charged by the Taipei District Procuratorate in October with negligent murder and negligent negligence. Tee Kuang International Co., the KTV subsidiary of Cashbox Partyworld which ran the karaoke club, was also charged with violating the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

The KTV fire at Cashbox Partyworld in the Linsen branch was probably caused by a power tool that Wang had charged in a storage room on the fourth floor, according to prosecutors.

With many fire doors left open, fire and smoke quickly spread to other floors of the building using the stairs and the temporary elevator shafts, which were built to facilitate major renovations, prosecutors said.

Investigators later found that all five key security systems at the site – an indoor hydrant, automatic sprinkler system, automatic fire alarm, emergency call system, and smoke evacuators – had been turned off by management to facilitate the renovation.

With the fire protection systems disabled and the stairs, which was the only escape route, filled with smoke, people in the building received no warning and had difficulty getting out, prosecutors said.

(By Flor Wang and Lin Chang-shun)

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