11,000 female employees sue Google over pay disparity in class-action lawsuit

Under the heat of multiple antitrust complaints, Google ran into legal trouble in the US after nearly 11,000 women filed a class action lawsuit against the Silicon Valley giant over gender pay gaps. The lawsuit against Google alleges that the company pays men more than women for the same job and is seeking a whopping $ 600 million in damages.

Google Gender Equity lawsuit

The lawsuit was represented by 4 women and filed on behalf of 10,800 women who alleged Google violated California’s Equal Pay Act. According to the lawsuit, the company is said to have paid female employees about $ 16,794 less per year than “similarly suitable men” in California. The wage differentials are not limited to salaries. The women also said that a similar situation is seen with other perks, with women receiving smaller bonuses and fewer shares in the same job, code, and location as men.

On May 28, Google was unable to block the lawsuit after a San Francisco state judge upheld the class action lawsuit that claimed four lead plaintiffs represented the 11,000 women in the case. This development was welcomed by Kelly Dermody, one of the representatives on the case, who criticized Google for prioritizing spending money on fighting women in litigation rather than using the same money on women’s fair pay.

Meanwhile, Google has denied allegations that it is open to upward revisions if it finds differences between men’s and women’s salaries. “If we find differences in proposed pay, including between men and women, we make upward adjustments to eliminate them before a new pay goes into effect,” it said.

This isn’t the first time the tech giant has been accused of discriminating against female employees. In February 2021, the company had to pay more than 5,500 employees $ 2.6 million to resolve a Google lawsuit over low wages. The allegations were made against the company between 2014 and 2017, alleging that Google’s engineers in California and Washington state were paid less salaries than men in similar positions. The wage differentials were cited in several Google offices, including California, Seattle and Kirkland, Washington.

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