‘Tech Exec-1’ revealed amid Durham subpoena of Clinton law firm

Special Counsel John Durham has handed over another round of subpoenas – along with one focused on a law firm associated with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential marketing campaign – in his investigation into the origins of the FBI’s investigation into allegations used in the former’s marketing campaign President Donald Trump has lobbied Russian officers in response to a brand new report.

CNN reported Thursday that some of the subpoenas issued earlier this month required paperwork from the highly effective Democratic law firm Perkins Coie, which had ties to Clinton’s presidential bid.

On September 16, a federal grand jury charged Perkins Coie cybersecurity attorney Michael Sussmann with the one-time cost of making a false claim to the FBI.

According to the indictment, Sussmann informed FBI General Counsel James A. Baker that “he was not acting on behalf of a client” when he informed Baker in September 2016 of alleged links between the Trump organization and a Russian financial institution.

However, the indictment states that Sussman was arrested by the National Democratic Committee in April 2016 after his email servers were hacked by Moscow-affiliated teams. He also advised the Clinton marketing campaign “related to cybersecurity issues”.

In addition, Sussmann represented Rodney Joffe, then senior vice chairman of Virginia-based technology company Neustar, who claimed he had received “the highest for the time being” [cybersecurity] Job with the Democrats if it looked like they were going to win [in 2016].

Attorney Michael Sussmann has been charged with making false claims to the FBI.
Perkins Coie

Rodney Joffe was known as “Tech Executive-1” at the technology company Neustar.

“I would definitely not take the job under Trump,” added Joffe in an email quoted in the indictment.

Joffe, who is not named in the indictment but is known as “Tech Executive-1” in response to the CNN report, allegedly handed Sussmann information in the summer of 2016 that servers belonging to the Trump Organization had servers at Alfa. spoke to -Bank, a Moscow-based financial institution.

The indictment alleges that Sussmann, Joffe, and Marc Elias – then a companion at Perkins Coie and the grassroots advisor to the Clinton marketing campaign – “coordinated and communicated” over the Alfa Bank’s claims “during phone calls and meetings” made by the Clinton Marketing Campaign.

In addition, Sussmann is said to have brought the allegations to media dealers together with the New York Times in personal reporter conferences and telephone calls that were billed in addition to the Clinton marketing campaign.

Attorney Marc Elias, one of several attorneys involved in the Wittman v.  Personhuballah stands on March 21, 2016 in the Supreme Court Square in Washington DC.Marc Elias, the main advisor to the Clinton marketing campaign, reportedly tried to level possible ties between former President Donald Trump and Alfa-Bank in Russia.

The FBI investigated the alleged hyperlink between the Trump organization and Alfa Bank and found insufficient evidence to support it. The indictment states that the server in question “was not owned or operated by the Trump Organization, but was managed by a mass marketing email company that advertised Trump’s hotels and hundreds of other customers.”

In reality, according to the indictment, Joffe admitted in August 2016 that the alleged server hyperlink was a “red herring”, although he continued to help Sussmann and others create a “white paper” that summarized the allegations – which the lawyer reported to the FBI weeks later.

Steven Tyrrell, Joffe’s attorney, told CNN in a press release that Sussmann’s indictment was “full of cherry clippings from emails and selected facts that for no reason present an incomplete and misleading picture of his actions and role in the events in question”.

Tyrrell added that Joffe “stands behind the rigorous research and analysis that has culminated in the report he saw as his patriotic duty to submit to the FBI.”

The Sussmann indictment is only the second prison case launched by Durham in May 2019. In the first case, FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith admitted an email related to the surveillance of Trump marketing campaign advisor Carter Page confused the nature of Page’s connections with the CIA. He was given a suspended sentence.

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