TCA explains: What is a class action lawsuit, and how can you benefit?

Consumers have a lot of questions when it comes to class action lawsuits, including how to file a class action lawsuit and how to join a class action lawsuit or settlement.

Class action lawsuits are generally filed against a company, entity or government by either one or multiple individuals claiming a number of consumers — known as a class — were injured in some way.

Whether it be filing a class action lawsuit or participating in one, a number of steps go into the process, which can often end in a class action settlement.

Top Class Actions, meanwhile, aims to give consumers the information needed to make informed decisions throughout the class action lawsuit pre- and post-process.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a type of complaint made on behalf of a large number of individuals by either one or multiple plaintiffs arguing they were all harmed in some way.

Consumers often file class action law suits claiming a company or entity injured them in some way with deception, false advertising, misleading statements or misrepresentation of a good, product or service.

Relief sought in a class action lawsuit is meant to be shared among “class members” who were allegedly similarly harmed as a lead plaintiff or plaintiffs.

A class action lawsuit can also be beneficial from a time and efficiency standpoint as it keeps a court from having to hear potentially thousands of individual lawsuits against one defendant over the same issue.

Do class action lawsuits work?

Class action lawsuits are on effective way for a large number of individuals or consumers to receive compensation for a similar injury.

Being part of a class action lawsuit can be a constructive way for a consumer to receive compensation for issues such as invasion of privacy, medication side effects, wage violations or financial fraud, among other things.

Compensation from a class action lawsuit often comes in the form of a class action settlement, which may reward a claimant anywhere from less than $1 to potentially thousands of dollars each.

How do I join a class action lawsuit?

The two main ways for an individual to get involved in a class action lawsuit are by serving as a lead plaintiff or joining as an eligible class member.

A class action lawsuit becomes open for claimants to join after it is brought to a judge and certified. Notification of the complaint is then sent to potential class members.

Consumers may find out about open-to-join class action lawsuits through newspapers, magazines and online advertising, as well as on sites like Top Class Actions.

Joining a class action lawsuit can be as simple as contacting the settlement administrator or class counsel.

How do I file a lawsuit against a company?

A consumer who wants to file a lawsuit against a company should begin by preparing the necessary documentation, such as emails, complaint letters or call records, needed to back up their accusation.

The consumer can then begin the process by filing both the complaint and a summons with an appropriate court.

At this stage, the company must answer the claims in a timely manner, at which point the complaint goes into what is known as discovery.

The consumer and company are then able to submit motions, including ones potentially asking for a summary judgment or a motion to dismiss.

What is a class action settlement?

A class action settlement occurs when both parties agree to end litigation and resolve the claims with the class often receiving some form of monetary and/or injunctive relief.

Companies that agree to a class action settlement do so without admitting any guilt to the claims made against them.

A company will often choose to go the route of a class action settlement to avoid further litigation and the uncertainty and financial burden that comes with it.

How do I file a claim for a settlement?

There are several steps a consumer often must take to make a claim to join a class action settlement.

A potential class member will often receive a deadline to fill out a valid claim form to join an open class action settlement.

The claim form to join a class action settlement will sometimes be sent directly to eligible class members; otherwise, usually it can be found online.

In some cases, class members who qualify to earn settlement funds will automatically be credited without having to fill out a claim form.

Do I need proof of purchase to file a settlement claim?

A consumer may or may not need proof of purchase to file a claim to join an open class action settlement.

In cases where proof of purchase is not necessary, showing it often makes a consumer eligible to receive more reimbursement, however.

Some class action settlements, meanwhile, will require a consumer to provide proof of purchase to be eligible to make a valid claim.

Why haven’t I received my settlement check yet?

There are a number of reasons why a consumer may experience a delay in receiving a settlement check after making a valid claim to join a class action settlement.

In most cases, the reason for the delay is due to the settlement agreement not being completely finalized or entirely resolved.

Settlement checks can also be sent out to class members at separate times, depending on the claims that were made and any documentation that may need to be reviewed by the settlement administrator.

What is a lawsuit investigation?

A class action lawsuit investigation is when attorneys look into potential wrongdoing done by a company, government or entity that resulted in consumers being injured.

An important part of a class action lawsuit investigation involves working with potential class members and plaintiffs who can testify to being injured in some way due to allegedly unlawful actions.

Are class action lawsuits worth it?

A class action lawsuit allows a potentially large number of individuals or consumers the ability to be compensated at once following an injury suffered as the result of an allegedly unlawful action.

This ability to avoid having to personally file a claim in court can be beneficial to hundreds, thousands or even millions of individuals participating in a class action lawsuit.

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