New network for legal tech startups in SA launches

The South African Legal Technology (SALT) Network aims to introduce technology to the legal sector in South Africa and act as the “voice” for local legal tech startups.

SALT Network starts in SA

The SALT Network was founded by Catherine-Jane Paulse and Yusha Davidson and emerged from the growing number of South African legal tech startups.

The duo are also founders of the Cygad Group, which is home to two innovative legal tech startups; LegalLens and BriefCo.

Technology has reportedly been slow to take hold in the legal industry in South Africa and SALT is looking to accelerate this process with its network.

Paulse gives insights into the goals of the SALT network.

“The SALT network aims to connect all South Africans who work or are interested in law, technology, innovation and their interfaces. Law students, legal scholars, attorneys, lawyers and corporate lawyers will have a platform to present their research and gain further insights into law, technology and innovation. “

The network will enable legal tech startups to have the platform and the opportunity to present their innovative solutions and to get in touch with potential customers and donors.

The SALT network has reportedly been enjoying success in the legal industry and Davidson attributes this to the growing interest in technology within the legal industry.

“Since the SALT network was founded in February 2020, over 1,400 people have joined the network on LinkedIn.”

The network publishes content on a weekly basis in the form of videos and articles on the subject of legal tech. In addition, SALT hosts webinars, training courses, live debates, round tables and pitch events once a month.

The SALT network recently created an infographic on the legaltech startups founded in South Africa.

“The legal industry is ripe for a disruption, and the innovation that is being shown by the existing legaltech startups is proof that the disruption has only just begun,” explains the SALT network.

Interested local legal tech startups or aspiring startups can join the SALT network here.

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Featured image: (left to right) Yusha Davidson and Catherine-Jane Paulse, founders of Legal Lens (included)

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