New California Class Action Lawsuit Against Robinhood Alleges that Online Brokerage “Switched Sides” and “Sacrificed” Main Street Investors in Favor of Wall Street

New California class action lawsuit against Robinhood claims online brokerage “sacrificed” Main Street investors

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According to the lawsuit, “Robinhood, famous as the small retail investor champion (…) switched sides.” The complaint continues: “Robinhood acted against the interests of its customers and anointed itself as the overlord of the free market, choosing to harm its customers in favor of its own financial interests and the interests of other market participants, many of whom had done so to add. ” Interests that directly oppose Robinhood’s clients. “The lawsuit asserts, among other things, actions for violations of fiduciary duty, negligence and unfair business practices.

The case is Gossett et al. Robinhood Financial, LLC et al., Case No. 21-cv-00837. The plaintiffs are represented by Maurice Passover of the Pessah Law Group, PC (PLG) and Stuart Chelin the law firm of Chelin, two The angel Law firms.

If you believe you have suffered loss from Robinhood’s actions or any other inquiry, please contact:

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SOURCE Pessah Law Group

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