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Nico Salvatori @ETNSalvatori

Millcreek parish regulators on Tuesday approved an agreement with Erie law firm MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton for legal services to replace the parish’s longtime attorney.

The contract had an annual flat rate of $ 87,000 for basic services and an additional fee schedule for special services. This schedule charges $ 250 per hour for senior partners providing special services and $ 230 per hour for partners. Special services for employees, paralegals, and court clerks are charged at a lower rate.

Mark Shaw, attorney assigned to Millcreek, is a senior partner with the firm and has a long history in the community. He replaces Evan Adair, who retired after almost 24 years.

Shaw is already the community’s attorney in an ongoing major domain lawsuit involving Millcreek-resident Laurel Hirt and has represented the community on a case involving ADA compliance on the community’s sidewalks . He specializes in environmental disputes, compliance and permits.

Any work Shaw does on these cases in the future will fall under the new contract and fee schedule, Millcreek community chief John Morgan said at a regular meeting of community regulators on Tuesday morning. Morgan said earlier this week that previous agreements would be honored, but resolved the matter on Tuesday and confirmed it would not. It will save the community some cost savings, he said.

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