McConnell Tees Up Judicial Votes, Including N.Y. Obama Nominee

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Clarified Thursday that he does not intend to shut down the pipeline for forensic confirmation as the election approaches. After the Senate returns in September, five confirmatory votes will be cast for the District Court.

Diane Gujarati, a U.S. District Court nominee for the Eastern District of New York who was first nominated nearly four years ago, is among the court decisions for Cloture votes.

Gujarati, a federal attorney, was originally named President Barack Obama in September 2016, but her appointment made no progress. She was appointed by President Donald Trump in May 2018 under an agreement with the Democratic Senators of New York.

However, her nomination has lagged since then. It was returned to the President in early 2019 and later renamed. This time she has been waiting for the Senate to take action for over a year.

The other nominees are Brett H. Ludwig for the Eastern District of Wisconsin; Christy Criswell Wiegand for the Western District of Pennsylvania; Hala Y. Jarbou for the western district of Michigan; and Thomas T. Cullen for the Western District of Virginia.

Trump has worked with McConnell to keep his campaign promise to fill the federal courts with Conservatives, but the pandemic has limited time in the Republican-led Senate to ratify judges. There are still over 70 open court positions and about 45 candidates in the pipeline, but no appeals court openings.

The candidates, whose cloture or voting is scheduled to end the debate over their selection and initiate final scrutiny, would contribute to Trump’s 203 judicial appointments. These include Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

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