Major milestone for boutique law firm

Far from being a typical lawyer, TRAVIS Schultz detests time sheets, focuses on social justice, and dedicates 30 percent of its resources to charity.

He started Travis Schultz Law in May last year with three attorneys, two support staff, and a plan to assist the Sunshine Coast community.

Since then, his law firm has more than tripled with four qualified lawyers and 14 support staff.

He said it has built a reputation for providing cutting-edge expertise without a price tag.

“I knew very early in my career that I wanted to practice civil litigation including insurance, injury and negligence cases,” said Schultz.

“It felt like I was helping people who were in a difficult position through no fault of their own.

“When the time came in my career to start my own business, it was a natural choice for me to start a business that was focused on social justice, not profit maximization.”

Travis Schultz Law celebrated a year in business in May. Contributed

He said the boutique law firm challenged the business model of traditional law firms and sought to help people in difficult situations.

He said the company didn’t charge any fees to cover its risks and it covered expenses to keep a case going instead of charging customers.

“Of course we have to do paid legal work to be sustainable, but even if we do, our philosophy is focused on providing a customer-centric, cost-effective model,” said Schultz.

He said the company spent at least 30 percent of its resources on charitable causes that are important to employees.

The Wishlist Spring Racing Gala and the Travis Schultz Winemakers’ Masterclass for SunnyKids are just a few of the charities that have benefited from it so far.

“We made a unique difference in the market,” said Schultz.

“I’m not trying to be disruptive or anything, and there are a lot of law firms that do great work within the profession and in their communities.

“We just agreed on a few not-so-typical basic rules and set a benchmark for using 30 percent of our resources for charitable causes that are important to us.”

Practice manager Kelly Phelps said she was drawn to the company for its community and customer focus.

“I came to Travis Schultz Law because not only are our lawyers some of the best in Queensland, but they are really nice people,” she said.

“It feels good to be part of a team that is committed to changing the lives of our customers in a positive way.”

The company recently celebrated a year in business on the coast and Mr Schultz said its growth was due to a quote from Robert Collier: “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

“I’ve learned that success is about being happy and achieving what is important to you,” he said.

“We’re all different about what matters to us, but it’s a success for me to get to the point where I can start a social justice law firm like this one. My team and I are doing our part and that adds up.” Over time. “

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